Let’s Kick A.S.S. (AIDS Survivor Syndrome) – Oregon is a leader in raising awareness, ending isolation, and creating a meaningful future for long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS. We work across the state of Oregon by engaging with community partners to find those that are isolated and/or disconnected from other long-term survivors and services.

Our work includes:

  • Helping provide non-clinical peer support to HIV/AIDS positive and negative long-term survivors and their families; sharing our stories to raise awareness and help eliminate stigma.
  • Advocating to challenge our communities’ institutions to acknowledge and address the symptoms of AIDS Survivor Syndrome.
  • Connecting long-term survivors to tap into the strength, resilience and experiences of others who have learned how to survive against all odds.
  • Creating ongoing social activities and events. 

As a sustaining member, your donations help the AIDS Survivor Syndrome movement to educate, raise awareness, and combat isolation by giving long-term hope for the future. Your tax-deductible gift is an easy way to make a difference for the LTS community all year long. Please consider donating today with an ongoing monthly contribution.

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